Paul Turk, Author
In 2009 I worked with an as yet unpublished author to get a starter website functioning that he could use for his first book.  But first...
I helped him set up his first personal email address that would be branded to his future website and enabled him to access his email on the fly during his travels.
We set up an afternoon photo shoot to get some good head shots that he could use both on the website, his first business card and his first book and he is still using them to this day on all his books!
His was the last site I built using Frontpage.  It was 5 pages and included a link to purchase his first book, Faith Beyond The Trials.

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Port Salerno Seafood Festival

In 2006 I was a founding member of the Port Salerno Seafood Festival and in the following years I built their first website and and rebuilt it again a few years later when they became a non-profit.  I supplied all the content, graphics, copy writing and photography to go with it.  I still maintain their Google page.


Rivers Coalition

I starting working with the Rivers Coalition as a volunteer in 2005 and soon after they employed my services for a long term project.  I was their second Administrative Coordinator responsible for organizing fundraising events (Dirty River Dance, Run For The Rivers, Stuart Air Show).  I built their first database of supporters, created their first newsletter FORCE (Friends of the Rivers Coalition E-news) and remained it's Editor for two years.